Eng.FT.CH. Eredine Rufus

As my header shows I’m an admirer of the pre-war Golden Retriever Kentford kennel of Hon. Mrs.  E.D.Grigg. She had a couple of very beautiful dogs. This, for example, is Rip of Kentford (b.1923).

The dogs of mrs. Grigg were remarkably well proportioned, with wavy coats. That wavy coat seems to have been the ‘trademark’ of the Kentford Kennel. To see what I mean, look for the contrast at another very famous dog in the twenties: Haulstone Dan (b.1922). He has quite another coat.

To my big surprise I discovered that this Golden, Eredine Rufus (b.1922), which isn’t beautiful or well proportioned at all, was the property of this same Mrs. Grigg. However, it seems not without reason that his name doesn’t bear the extension ‘of Kentford’. He is mentioned as Eng.FT.CH. Eredine Rufus. He won 5 field trials firsts and was bred by Lady Norton-Griffiths. Mrs. Grigg was very active with her dogs at shows like Cruft’s.  But as far as I can see, she never showed this dog. She didn’t even breed it herself, she bought him. That shows that she was really interested, not only in the looks of the Golden Retriever, but also in its performance as a hunting dog.


3 responses to “Eng.FT.CH. Eredine Rufus

  • retrieverman

    Can I use the photo of Haulstone Dan that you have used in this post?

  • retrieverman

    Rufus’s topline is all wrong. The line is supposed to be level, and this dog appears to have a roached back.

    Many Chesapeakes and curlies had this feature, and it may have had some function with water dogs, perhaps giving the dog a better swimming posture while giving the dog some power in its hindquarters as it swims.

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