Welcome here! Retriever History will be devoted to the history of the various Retrievers. My main interest is the history of the Golden Retriever. However, that means an interest in the history of the Flatcoat (Wavycoat), the Labrador and the Curly as well.

I won’t write every day, but try to do so quite regularly. And if you want to know… the dogs in my header are Ch. Flight of Kentford and Ch. Mischief of Kentford. In my opinion, they belong to the most beautiful pre-war Golden Retrievers.

Have a good read!


5 responses to “Welcome

  • retrieverman

    I’ve just discovered this blog, and I like it a lot!

    • AT

      Thank you! In reply I can say I’m a regular reader of your own blog. You know an awful lot about Retrievers. So, I hope to keep learning from your blog!

  • retrieverman

    Flight of Kentford later went to India, where an Indian noble put an Indian championship on him.

  • Tricia Butterworth

    Very interesting – keep up the good work – golden retrievers have beenin my family since 1937, and in 2005 my golden bitch was the top winning golden! She won her title at Crufts!!

  • Cadevan

    I have two flat coats myself, both were rescued, one is a papered pet quality female and the other is a male who likely has some border collie mixed into him. I personally love their finer build and the smoother look to their heads,

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