Major and Mrs. Grigg

One of the early and succesfull Golden Retriever kennels in England was the Kentford kennel of Hon. Mrs. E.D. Grigg (sometimes wrongly written as ‘Griggs’). At the moment I don’t have much information about her. A few things however are known. She started her kennel with Eng. Sh.Ch. Noranby Dandelion (b.1913), which she bought from Mrs. Charlesworth. However, Noranby Dandelion hadn’t been bred (according to the site: by Mrs. Charlesworth herself, but by Mr. W. McDonald, the keeper of the Earl of Shrewsbury, the owner of the Ingestre-kennel. The first registration (as far as I know) of a dog bred by Mrs. Grigg is in february 1918: Rufus of Kentford (Eng.Ch. Noranby Campfire x Eng.Sh.Ch. Noranby Dandelion). No mention of her name is made in the Cruft´s catalogue of 1917. So it´s probable to assume she didn´t start with her own kennel before 1917.

Next year, in 1919, at least three pups came into life: Binks of Kentford, Carry of Kentford, and Dazzle of Kentford (also from Eng.Ch. Noranby Campfire x Eng.Sh.Ch. Noranby Dandelion). The early twenties were years of great activity and success. Somewhere at the end of the decade, it came to an end. However, the precise circumstances are unknown to me.

Hon. Mrs. E.D. Grigg was married to Major R.M. Grigg. In 1920 they bought the Regal Lodge in Kentford from Mrs. Lillie Langtry. The house was big, as you can see. There was stabling for 18 horses, a large paddock, enclosed kitchen garden and two cottages with gardens occupied by a gardener and coachman, all totalling about 6.5 acres. In 1935 it was sold to another Army Officer.

Major Grigg was also active in breeding Retrievers, in his case (black) Labradors. He appears to be the owner of Brayton Siddy (b. 1916), possibly his first dog. This dog was bred by Major A.W. Corrie and according to the Cruft´s catalogue of 1917 the property of Mr. Nicol. He asked at that moment 200 pounds for him. In later years his dogs are called Tully Juno (b.1921) and Tully Brag (b.1922). So, it seems probable that his kennel was called the Tully kennel.


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