Lord Harcourt and his Culham-kennel (2)

The Culham-kennel of Lord Harcourt is of tremendous importance in the history of the Golden Retriever. Why is that? One of the reasons is his connection with the Guisachan-kennel of Lord Tweedmouth. Lord Harcourt was a friend of the Tweedmouth family and besides a regular guest of the hunt at Guisachan. So, it doesn’t seem a big surprise to hear the story told that he purchased two puppies from Guisachan. These puppies were bred by John MacLennan and were descendents of Lady, the daughter of  Prim and Rose, the last two dogs that were registred by the first Lord Tweedmouth.

In fact, it seems that there are even stronger connections between ‘Culham’ and ‘Guisachan’. In the K9data-base we find the names of Luna, Amber I, Conan and others, which are – somehow – linked with Guisachan. These data are, unfortunately, not completely reliable. So, we should be cautious with our conclusions. However, it’s clear that there must have been an intensive connection between the Culham- and Guisachan-kennels. And that’s an important fact, because both Culham Brass and Culham Copper, Harcourt’s most famous dogs, are in the ancestry of nearly every contemporary Golden Retriever.


One response to “Lord Harcourt and his Culham-kennel (2)

  • Bridget

    Lord Tweedmouth was a wonderful man for breeding these great dogs! My family and I have had the pleasure of having two of them as pets. Sad to say, both Daisy and Buddy have passed on. I like to think LT is up in Heaven surrounded by golden retrievers!

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