Eng. CH. Reine of Woolley

She was not a pioneer in breeding Golden Retrievers. However, the start of her kennel was as early as 1922. Her name was mrs. Jacqueline Cottingham. To start with, she bought a bitch of Lt.-Col. Dick Carnegie, which she named ‘Beauty of Woolley’. This bitch was a full sister of Ch. Heydown Gunner, a famous and succesful pre-war Golden. Subsequently, mrs. Cottingham purchased another bitch, from mrs. Grigg’s kennel, which she called ‘Diver of Woolley’. Money was obviously no problem for her plans, because in 1925 she once again paid a huge price, this time for a dog: Ch. Cubbington Diver, who fathered five champions. Cubbington Diver was a son of Ch. Heydown Gunner, by the way.

In that same year, she bought another young bitch, bred by mr. M.B. Edwards (Mountclog-kennel). This bitch was called ‘Reine of Woolley’. She was born out of Plover of Ryall x Brenda of Fyning in 1923. The original name of Reine of Woolley must have been (as we may believe the K9data information) Ray D’or Of Shaugh. How that may be, she appeared to be a huge succes, both in shows and in field trials. Reine won Cruft’s for example, but she must also have been very good in field trials. There is a story, which tells that a well-known authority on field trials, mr. A.J. Pattle, who originally trained Reine, said that her performance had convinced him to take Goldens himself.

There is at least one more interesting feature about the Woolley-kennel from mrs. Cottingham. I mean the various paintings from Reuben Ward Binks (1860-1950). He painted the dogs of mrs. Cottingham several times. They look remarkably well, I think.


One response to “Eng. CH. Reine of Woolley

  • featherqwest

    You should see my curly coated golden. If he is not a throw back to the early hunting goldens. He is the spitting image of the dog in the picture above. I am proud that I own one of these golden as they are very loyal, gentle and great companions. I am a Army vet with PTSD and MST. This dog has been more than you know.

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