W.S. Hunt and his Ottershaw Kennel

These days, hardly anyone knows the name of the pre-war Ottershaw Kennels. It was origininally established in 1915 and was based on ‘Normanby Balfour’ from the mating of ‘Culham Brass’ and ‘Normanby Beauty.’ Owner of this kennel was William Stanley Hunt. Among his first dogs were Ottershaw Bella (Normanby Balfour x Columbine), Ottershaw Blush (idem), Ottershaw Sample and Ottershaw Sovereign. It seems, he choosed names beginning with a ‘B’ for his own-bred dogs , but for the dogs he bought initially names with an ‘S’. During or after the First World War he moved to Ottershaw, to pursue his dog breeding further.

He was also a famous dog judge. In the Australian newspaper The Argus of 19th septembre 1933, W.S. Hunt is said to have arrived in order to judge in Melbourne. (The small photo comes from this article. Apologies for the poor quality). He was an all-breed judge. The article mentions that he had, at that time, about 100 dogs, spaniels (Cocker) and retrievers (Labrador and Golden). He exported some dogs to America during the 1930s. Clearly, for Hunt dog breeding was business. It was not his only business, though. He was an ambitious man, being the first person in the village to own a car. He set up a number of transport businesses with taxis and coaches. His business must have been very succesfull. Today, W.S. Hunt’s is still a family owned business in Ottershaw.

So far, I haven’t been able to trace pictures of the Ottershaw dogs. Moreover, the Ottershaw kennel seems not to have been very successful at shows like Cruft’s. My guess is that the success of W.S. Hunt’s breeding activities was more quantitative then gualitative. Nevertheless, being a big pre-war kennel, the Ottershaw kennel is worth mentioning here!


One response to “W.S. Hunt and his Ottershaw Kennel

  • Phil Truett

    I am William Hunt’s great grandson and work for his legacy – W.S.Hunt’s Transport. I can at the very least provide a better picture and my Grandmother (William’s daughter) is still alive (and 97!). She is still driving and only properly retired last year. If you would like some further information I am sure I could find some out.

    Kind Regards,

    Phil Truett

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